We are a law firm specialized in matters of insolvency, intra-corporate conflicts and highly specialized litigation with 25 years of experience.

Our mission

"Find bold solutions to highly complex problems of entrepreneurs and large companies in Mexico, through honest and transparent processes, always prioritizing customer loyalty and satisfaction"

Our values

Loyalty, expertise, audacity, honesty and creativity.

Despacho Abobogados Palomino, HFlores, Hernandez
What do we do?

Punctual and specific advice to problems and crises in insolvency and financial restructuring of entrepreneurs and companies in Mexico.

We provide advice for entrepreneurs and companies in commercial, administrative, corporate and civil litigation.

We design strategies to prevent financial and legal crises.

What makes us different?
  1. We offer creative and unconventional solutions to highly complex problems.
  2. We have extensive experience solving the biggest business crises.
  3. We are a team that prioritizes loyalty and honesty towards the client.
  4. We maintain a close and transparent relationship with each client.
  5. We have an approach to business from the legal, accounting and technological.
  6. We offer personalized attention by assigning specific cells of lawyers.
  7. We are part of the most important national and international institutions in matters of insolvency and bankruptcy law.
  8. We promote the continuous training of each of the members of the firm.
National and International Members
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